What Are Content Pages?

Let’s take a look at what content pages are and how to create new pages.

What are Pages in Peppery? #

Pages are like places to tuck away your extra content. You can create pages for anything from your team members introductions to your services and about page. They give your clients more in-depth knowledge about your business without cluttering up the main portal page. Instead, clients can access these pages via the portal menu or cards.

How to Create a New Page #

Creating a new page in Peppery is easu! First, select a project, and then click on “pages” in the top menu. From there, click on “new page,” and voila! You’re ready to add more content to your portal.a

Editing the Content #

Once you’ve created a new page, it’s time to add some information. You’ll see a text editor where you can enter a title and your content. Add images by clicking the image icon, and for links, highlight the text and click on the chain icon. You can also play with different heading options (h1-h6), add numbered or bullet point lists, bold or italicize text, and change the text alignment. 

Publish or Save as Draft #

When you’re done editing, it’s time to decide whether you want to save your page as a draft or publish it. If you save it as a draft, it won’t be visible on the client portal. But, if you publish it, you can add it to your client portal menu or link out to it from a card block. When you chose a status, click “Save page.”

Showing Pages On The Client Portal #

You can now add your published pages to the portal’s menu, or link out to them from a card.
To add it to the menu, launch the portal and click “edit menu”. Here you’ll see all your published pages. Click the plus icon to add a page to the portal menu.

Link out to a page via a block card by choosing “Page” as the type. You can now pick from published pages. When the client clicks on the card, a new tab with the page opens.

That’s it! You now know how to create pages in Peppery and add some extra spice to your client portals. Happy creating!