How To Work With Files

Are you tired of digging through emails and folders to find the right file for your project? Keep all your project’s files and docs organized in one central location via your Peppery client portal. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

How Do Files Work #

Files is a menu item in your project that allows you to upload and organize all your project’s files and documents. You can choose to keep your files private or share them with your client, and even link to files that live on a different site like your Google Drive.

How to Add New Files and Docs #

To add a new file or document, simply choose the project you want to add it to and navigate to the “Files” section in the top menu. From there, you can create new folders to organize your files and choose whether you want them to be private or shared. Private files will only be accessible to you and your team members. Shared files can also be accessed and viewed by your clients and will be visible via their client portal.

To upload a file, click on “Upload File,” choose the file you want to upload, and optionally select a folder. You can even link to files from an outside source by clicking “Link to File”. Please note that if you upload a file outside of a folder, the file will always have the “shared” access setting.

Commenting and Approving Files #

Peppery makes it easy for both you and your clients to comment on and approve files. To add a comment, simply click on the file and add your comment at the bottom. To approve a file, click on the green “Approve File” button. Your clients can view shared files by clicking on the “Files” menu item in the client portal.

Hide the Files Menu Item #

If you don’t want to share any files, simply hide the “Files” menu item from the menu navigation. It’s that easy!

Allow Clients to Upload Files #

If you need files or docs from your client, simply prompt them to upload the needed materials via a card.
Choose “Client Upload” as the type and choose a folder to which they should upload the file.

You’ll never have to search for that one file again. Keep your project’s files organized and easily accessible for both you and your clients.