How to Work With A Project Timeline

If you’re looking for a way to keep your clients up to date on your project progress, Peppery’s timeline feature has got you covered. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up and use the timeline feature.

What is a Timeline? #

First, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a timeline? A timeline is a way to break down your project into different stages or phases. 

For example, you might have a website design project that consists of several phases, including the research phase, design phase, development phase, and launch phase.

Within each of these phases, you can create specific tasks or steps that need to be completed. For example, in the research phase, you might have tasks such as “conduct user research,” “analyze competitors,” and “develop a content strategy.”

Each task or step in your timeline will have a due date, so you can keep your project on track and let your client know when they can expect tasks to be completed. You can also assign a status to each task or step, such as “upcoming,” “in progress,” or “completed,” so you and your client can easily see what’s been done and what you’re working on. 

By providing a clear outline of the project timeline, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that expectations are set from the start.

Setting Up Your Timeline #

To set up your timeline, click on one of your projects and navigate to the timeline in the top menu. Click “Create new stage” and enter a stage name like “Phase 1” or “Getting Started”. Then click “Add New Entry” to add a task item like “Onboarding call” or “Design Mockup”. Choose a due date and enter a status: upcoming, in progress, or completed. Click save, and you’re all set! Repeat this process for as many phases and tasks as you’d like.

Reviewing and Updating Your Timeline #

Once you’ve created your timeline, you can review it by launching the client portal and clicking the timeline menu item. This is what your client will see, so make sure it’s accurate and up to date. If you don’t want to share the timeline, you can easily hide it by clicking “edit navigation” in the portal menu and clicking the eye icon next to the timeline menu item.

To update the status of a timeline step, simply click the timeline menu item and select the new status. Or head back to your project dashboard and click the timeline to edit it completely.

Sharing A Timeline Snapshot #

Give your client an overview of what was recently completed, what’s currently in progress and what’s upcoming by choosing the timeline snapshot block.

The block won’t show everything but only displays the most recent entry for each status.