How to Introduce Peppery Client Portal to Your Clients

Introducing your clients to your Peppery client portal is an essential step in streamlining your communication and project management. In this guide, we’ll show you how to introduce your portal to your clients effectively. Whether you’re inviting clients to log in for the first time or helping them get started with a new project, these tips will help you make the most of your Peppery client portal.

Share Access With a Client

The first step in introducing your client portal to your clients is to share the portal with them. Go to your project and click on “Share Portal Access”. Enter your client contact’s email address and name.

Your client will receive an invite email that contains a link to your portal, as well as a username and password to log in. The e-mail also includes a small explanation of what Peppery is and what they can expect.

For most clients, this invite email might already be enough explanation. If you want to offer more guidance, here are some additional ideas.

Creating a Tutorial

Once your clients have logged in to your portal, they might need some help getting started. That’s where tutorials come in. Tutorials can be in the form of written guides, videos, or both. 

Link out to your guides from the portal via text links, and cards or share your YouTube video tutorial.

For example, you might create a short video that shows your clients how to navigate the portal, and what they should keep an eye out for such as uploading and downloading files, communicating with you, and checking the progress of their project. 

By creating a small explanation of how you’d like them to use the portal you can help your clients get started with Peppery quickly and easily.