How to Set Up Your First Client Portal

Welcome to Peppery! 

With Peppery, you can easily create a client portal to share information, files, and docs, keep your clients up-to-date and streamline client communications. 

Let’s get started on setting up your first client portal.

Create a Client and Project #

First things first, let’s add a client you want to build the portal for. Click on the menu item “Clients” and then “Add New”. Enter the company name.

Next, you can add a new project by clicking on the “Add New Project” button. Give your project a name, start and end date, and status. 

Choose a Template #

Now that you’ve created your client and project, it’s time to choose a template for your client portal. You can choose a basic template with common and basic building blocks to help you get started, start from scratch with the help of some guidelines, or copy the layout from a previous project. Choose the option that works best for you and your client.

Prepare Your Files, Docs, Pages, and Timeline #

Before you launch your portal, you may want to prepare some files, docs, pages, and the project’s timeline first. You can find all of these via your project’s menu. These items will be accessible by the client via the portal later on. This is optional, and you can always do it later. Learn more about how files and docs, pages, and the timeline work.

Launch Your Portal #

Once you’re ready, click “Launch Client Portal,” and you’ll be brought to your project’s portal. 

Customize Your Portal #

Now that your client portal is live, it’s time to customize it to match your business’ branding. One of the first things you might want to do is go to “Portal Settings” in the top right corner. Here you can switch from website to dashboard layout, and change your color palette and text colors. To save some time in the future, you can set your colors and fonts as defaults via your user settings.

After clicking save, click on the portal’s header (in the website layout) to upload your own background image and logo. Click on “Edit Navigation” in the menu to hide and show menu items as well as your pages.

Add Content to Your Portal #

To start adding content to your client portal, click “Add New Section.” Choose how many blocks you want to show in this section. Decide on a title for this section to keep the portal organized.

Click to add a new block and choose what you want to show. You can choose between text, image, YouTube video, timeline snapshot, and cards. We go into more detail about the different blocks here. You can also embed your favorite tools like Trello, Airtable, and Figma.

Adjust the Section Order #

If you need to adjust the section order, simply hover over a section and click the little up or down arrow.

Preview Your Portal #

To see how the portal looks for your client, click “Client View” in the top right corner.

Invite Your Client #

When you’re satisfied with your portal’s content and design, click “Go back to dashboard” in the top left corner and click on “Share portal access”. Enter their e-mail address and name and click “Invite”. The client will receive an e-mail with their login link, username, and password.

Congratulations, you’re all set up and just created your first Peppery client portal!