How to Edit The Portal Menu

Editing and customizing the menu items that appear on your client portal is easy.

Here’s how:

Launch your portal and take a look at the default menu items: Home, Messages, Timeline, and Files.

Click on “edit navigation” to access the menu editing options. You can find this in the top menu in the website layout or on the left side menu for the dashboard layout.

Here, you can re-arrange the order of the menu items to best suit your needs. You can simply use the up and down arrows to change the order.

To hide a menu item, simply click the eye icon next to it. This is a great option if you have a menu item that isn’t relevant to your clients or if you want to simplify the menu.

Want to add more menu items? No problem! You can do this by creating pages within Peppery. Check out our tutorial on how to create pages for more details.

Once you’ve created your pages, they’ll be listed in the menu popup where you can select which ones to add to your client portal menu.