Embed Your Favorite Apps

Why change a working system? With Embeds, you can bring all your favorite apps and tools directly into your client portal. No need to learn a new system or ask a client to access different websites. Let’s dive into how Peppery’s Embeds can simplify your workflow and make your life easier.

What Are Embeds? #

Embeds allow you to integrate and display other apps and tools directly into your Peppery client portal. This means you can keep all your information and tools in one place, making it easier to access and share with your clients.

Peppery makes use of iframes, which are like little windows to other sites. This way, you can see content from other sites without ever leaving your Peppery portal.

What Embeds Are Available? #

Peppery offers a variety of embeds to choose from, including:

Custom Code: Embed anything using custom code.

Trello: Embed a Trello board directly into your portal.

Airtable: Embed an Airtable base.

Miro: Embed a Miro board.

Figma: Embed your Figma design.

Google Drive: Embed your Google Drive files and folders.

Canva: Embed your Canva design.

Loom: Embed a Loom video.

Typeform: Embed a Typeform form.

Calendly: Embed your Calendly calendar.

Google Calendar: Embed your Google calendar.

How to Use Embeds #

To embed an app or tool, simply choose the project you want to add it to, launch your client portal, and choose the section where you want to add the block. Click on “Embeds” and choose the app you want to embed. Enter the app’s direct URL, and you’re good to go!

With embeds feature, you can keep using your favorite apps and tools without disrupting your workflow. Say goodbye to jumping between different apps and hello to a more streamlined process.