Difference Between Clients, Team Members, and Admin

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You can add team members and clients to your portal. But what exactly sets them apart?

Clients #

Peppery provides clients with restricted read-only access to their client portal. Here’s what you need to know about their access:

Clients cannot make edits to their client portal. Their access is primarily focused on viewing the information, files, and folders that you have granted them access to. They can mark cards as complete if you added a checkmark to the card.

They can browse through files and folders, stay up to date with project progress, and even send you messages. However, there are a few things clients can’t do. They can’t make changes to the project, create new projects themselves, or get see the project dashboard. 

Team Members #

Team members can not only access the client portal but they also have access to the project’s dashboard. Team members can launch and edit the client portal, add files, communicate with clients through messages, tweak the project timeline, share access with clients, and create new projects. However, there are a few limitations. They can’t invite or remove new team members. They also won’t be able to edit your subscription settings either. Think of them as your trusted sidekicks, here to support you in creating and maintaining the perfect client experience.

Admin #

Admins have additional privileges that give them more control over the Peppery account. In addition to the capabilities of team members, admins can add new and remove team members and modify the company details and subscription settings.