Customization Options

Looking to spice up your client portal? 

In this short tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of customizing your client portal.

What Can I Customize? #

Header Image:  Upload your own header image to match your business.

Logo: Add your brand logo and choose its alignment. Don’t want to add a logo? No worries, hide it!

Layout:  Choose the perfect layout and pick between website and dashboard style.

Colors:  Set your primary and secondary colors to match your brand.

Text:  Select your primary and secondary text colors and pick the perfect fonts for headings and paragraphs.

Menu; Add, hide, or rearrange menu items to create a seamless navigation experience.

Client Login: Customize the graphic and text for your client’s login page.

Setting a Default Style  #

Save time and create a consistent look for all your client portals by setting a default style.

Click your user image (top right corner) and select “Settings.” Choose “Branding” and customize away. Your settings will be applied to all portals you create from now on.

Sprucing Up the Client Login Page #

Customize your client’s login page to make a great first impression.

Head over to user settings and click “Branding”.
Choose a graphic and add some text to be displayed over it (optional). Learn more about customizing a client’s login page here.

Customize Individual Portals  #

Want to add a personal touch to a specific client’s portal? 

Choose a project and click “Launch Portal”.

Change the header and logo by clicking on the header image. Remember, your primary color is always overlayed with transparency for logo visibility.

Tweak the menu by clicking “Edit Navigation” inside the menu. Add, hide, or reorder menu items.

Click on the “Portal Settings” button (top right corner) to change the portal layout, colors, and text.

And that’s it! With these easy steps, you’re all set to create client portals that match your brand and business.